Timepiece was made as a temporary installation for the National Trust’s site Acorn Bank in Temple Sowerby, Cumbria in autumn 2014. The piece was developed specifically to be hidden into the hollow trunk of an old oak tree known as the Dalston Oak. The tree's age is not confirmed but it is thought to be the oldest specimen on the estate and reportedly it was one of the few to escape being felled in the 1700's by John Dalston in order to open the view to the Lakeland fells beyond, so it stands as a final and enduring testament of the ancient woodland once present. 


 A motorised mechanism is placed within, where the piece and the oak are seen to co-exist as one  

...creating a sort of symbiosis where both stand a ‘portrait of time’ alluding to notions of past, present and future, with time passing in continuum.

The mechanism itself is designed to create only the slightest of movements – a slow side-to-side swinging of the pendulum. It is quiet, sedate, melancholic and fragile.

And each seem like a life support to one another.