Caroline Dalton is an artist who gained expertise firstly by studying at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and since graduating has worked across various industries specialising in Design, Props, Puppetry, Model Making, Scenic Arts and Visual Arts.  In 2004 she returned to study, aiming to progress her knowledge of Fine Art and to focus in greater depth on Sculpture, Installation and Contemporary Art.

She continues to advance her own personal research and understanding of both contemporary visual arts and theatre practice and works across various disciplines, integrating Visual Arts, Theatre, Artist in Education and Architectural practice into her skills base.





Artist Statement


Caroline Dalton researches and explores ideas through making, often executing fastidious detail within a research of Sculpture, Materials and Installation.  

In the main her work is largely site responsive and considers a dialogue with space & place, and the pieces she creates seek to draw influence directly from the context of their site; leading to a broader analysis of the sculptural object in terms of concept, materiality and context.

Investigating the body and the art historic, her enquiry has developed to examine the figure, space, and both in terms of presence and absence; serving to explore ideas about occupation and habitation in effect, set amongst the many defining spaces and interactions which make up our said surroundings.

Often what surfaces are ideas which encompass the model, where she creates carefully detailed exhibits, facsimiles or devices all made as exacting replicas or copies and with many them being experienced as white signature material akin to a sort of prototype or proposal.

Her work echoes themes about equal & opposites and connotations of change or a new - spotlighting a future or re-imagined, but equally the work gives glimpse to its latent antitheses: seen as remnants, extracts, traces, forgotten or the left behind.

...her work seeks to re-present objects in likeness, but in altogether altered formats.