Selected Exhibitions


Summer 2021  Through the Locking Glass Rheged Penrith Cumbria


09/2019 32 Points - 32 Voices A Compass of Peace - Group Show at Cedar Ridge Toronto Canada


07/2019 Now - Group Show with West Walls Artists at Upfront Gallery Cumbria


09/2017 Invigorate Vallum Gallery UOC Institute of the Arts Cumbria

09/2017 Rule 10 Emaneight at Scalesceugh Hall Carlisle Cumbria

02/2017 A New Conversation West Walls Artists at Old Fire Station Carlisle Cumbria

07/2015 Caldewgate 1991-2015 University of Cumbria Carlisle Cumbria

08/2015 Summer Artists  St Andrews Church Greystoke Cumbria

12/2015 Retrospective West Walls Artists at Old Fire Station Carlisle Cumbria

04/2014 Spring Fling Exhibition Gracefield Arts Centre Dumfries Scotland

04/2014 D&G/OUT James Harvey Gallery Langton St London 

08/2014 Summer Artists St Andrews Church Greystoke Cumbria

09/2014 Art In Extraordinary Places C-Art commission Acorn Bank Temple Sowerby Cumbria    

03 - 05/2013  New Works West Walls Artists  High Head Gallery Ivegill Cumbria

12/2012 - 02/2013  C-Art @Tullie selected by Emma Dean Curator Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Helen Weiwora Arts Council North West  Tullie House Museum and Gallery Carlisle Cumbria

06/2012 North by Northwest Crown Gallery Carlisle Cumbria

07/2011 Trial & Retrieval Joint Exhibition with Lesli Sharples, Robert Williams & Kevin Phillips World of Glass St Helens

09/2010 Sedition - An Uprising of Cumbrian Contemporary Artists Tullie House Museum Carlisle Cumbria

03/ 2010 Arcade Town2Town Empty Shops Project in collaboration with Eden Arts North Cumbria

11/2009 A Spire Temporary Public Art Commission BITE Carlisle Cathedral Cumbria

07/2009 Project 3 Arcade Arts Exhibition Carlisle Arts Festival Cumbria

12/08 - 01/09 Arcade Arts Empty Shops Exhibition Dec 08 Carlisle Cumbria

09/2008  Feather Flotsam Tarn Hows Cumbria Fred Art Invasion

05/2008  Founded Arcade Arts Empty Spaces Project, Carlisle Arts Festival Cumbria


03/2008  Imagine Building Artist in Residence Bank Gallery Carlisle Cumbria

01- 03/2008 Interplay Solo Show Green Door Studios Kendal Cumbria

08/2007  Summer Exhibition Circle Gallery Theatre by the Lake Keswick Cumbria

08/2007  Northern Graduates Curwen & New Academy Gallery London


06/2007  Cover Versions Cumbria Institute of the Arts Carlisle Cumbria